Transmission lines

The Transmission Line Engineering is the mainstay of HECLA’s activities since the birth of the Company. The related companies have several decades of experience in that field till 800 kV, including overhead and underground lines and substations.

HECLA is assisted by the company EFLA when electric engineering is needed, mainly in potential rise and electromagnetic fields calculations.

The Icelandic National Electric Company Landsvirkjun and its subsidiary company LANDSVIRKJUN POWER bring their Transmission System Operator abilities HECLA can offer to various customers.

Since 2003, HECLA has been assisting the French operator RTE in engineering missions for overhead and underground lines. HECLA also works for other operators such as NEPCO in Jordan, ELIA in Belgium, WAPP in Africa, ONEE in Morocco, the Algerian Electric Company as well as other big contractors like Alstom Grid.

HECLA is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OPQIBI qualified in the field of energy transmission.

Hydroelectricity and geothermal energy

HECLA plays as commercial vector on behalf of Landsvirkjun Power and EFLA to explore countries already fitted with hydropower and geothermal units to provide them with our know-how in construction and renewal of power units.

Feasibility studies, supervision of works and B.O.T. projects are some other goals.

References are based on projects from 5 MW units to 630 MW groups.