Geotechnical engineering

Our partner EFLA began operations in 1979 and in 1991, a specific department has been settled to take responsibility for this aspect of the business.

The Geotechnical Department has grown steadily and today it is staffed by a dedicated team of geologists and technicians.

Various projects are handled such as :

  • Site investigation for every type of structure
  • Aggregate testing and analysis at home research laboratory
  • Geotechnical and rock-mechanics consulting service
  • Ground penetrating radar surveys for site investigation, archaeology, etc
  • Assessment of the environmental impact of construction projects
  • Design and project supervision of work on grounding
  • Consulting and research on aggregate and rock materials

Since 2002, HECLA has been assisting the French TSO RTE for the OHL general expertise, mainly for the inspection of foundations and materials. Since 2006, HECLA intervenes in geotechnical missions in collaboration with qualified partners.

Roads and bridges

Since 1985, EFLA carries out projects in the field of bridge and road design and construction which have attracted the attention of professionals and the general public.

The team is in regular contact with the international business partners, amongst whom are many of the world’s leading bridge designers. The team has won national competitions in bridge and road construction, reflecting the exceptional abilities of the staff, the quality control system, the track record, foreign connections and succinct pricing skills.

Our specialists can advise on a wide range of projects and structures: traffic technology, road junctions, tunnels, channel beds and financial assessments.

Our expertise in bridge design and construction is second to none, from economical low-level bridges, to bascule and swing bridges, to completely new ideas for cable-stayed and suspension bridges.

We have a depth of experience that is hard to match in all areas of bridge and road design and construction.

Road traffic

EFLA operates a dynamic Traffic Engineering Department staffed by specialists with broad-based experience in the layout and design of traffic structures, traffic technology and safety which allows HECLA to offer a quite large range of engineering services in the following fields :

  • Traffic safety
  • Improvement of accident sites
  • Traffic technology pre-design
  • Traffic simulation
  • Parking
  • Research
  • Consulting and committee work
  • Traffic noise
  • Airport issues
  • Asphalt checking and surveying
  • Traffic layout and technology