HECLA is an independent French engineering company, founded in 2001, which joins ability and know-how in the energy sector, mainly in hydropower, geothermal, transmission and distribution fields.

In the hydropower and geothermal field, the project management, the operating process and the renewal and refurbishment of hydropower plants, the maintenance consulting as well as the environmental impact studies are the most typical services offered.

In the transmission and distribution field, feasibility studies, design and sizing of new lines, expertise, reinforcement and refurbishment of existing network, preparation of tender documents and supervision are some of the services offered.

In the industrial and infrastructural field, the modelling of metallic structures, the assistance to the companies for prospecting new markets, the project management, the sourcing for new products are also part of the services offered.

HECLA is frequently assisting the French Transmission System Operator RTE in the field of strengthening and refurbishment of electric lines, but works as well for many other contractors in France and abroad.

Founded by companies and people having more than thirty-five years of experience, HECLA is assisted by a dynamic team of engineers and specialised technicians.